Mobile Gift Card Features

Auto Re-load

When the gift card falls below a certain dollar amount, the gift card can be automatically re-loaded to a certain dollar amount.

Transfer Balances

Customers can manage multiple gift cards from their desktop or phone and transfer balances from one gift card to another.

Text Notifications

Customers can receive text notifications when their mobile gift card is loaded or falls below a certain amount.

Easy Redemption

Mobile gift cards are easily redeemed through point of sale systems, credit card terminals, the Synergy APP or an on-line virtual terminal. Merchant can scan the QR code, bar code or simply key in the 12-digit card number.

View Transaction History

Easily view previous gift card transaction history from your desktop or mobile phone.

Send to a Friend

Select E-Gift design and instantly send an E-Gift to your friend from your desktop or mobile phone.

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